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   --   Pat Wells cooking classes in Paris and Provence

          If you like cheese:  sign up for cheese expert Janet Fletcher's newsletter, Planet Cheese:

        --   Hart Davis Hart Wine Co., a wine auction house based in Chicago, also operates a retail website.  "I like to say we sell drinkable wines," says President Paul Hart. "A majority of them have some bottle age and are ready to drink, after being stored under ideal conditions."
                 If you're looking for a particular wine or vintage--check out this site.


           More useful links:    
      a website cataloging culinary schools around the U.S.
          John Mariani's  Virtual Gourmet   newsletter:  If a cool new spot opens anywhere in the U.S., John has likely dined there--

                                                         Check out his lively newsletter so you'll know where to go!

          Appellation America    --  for news about regional American and California wines, see this comprehensive site

                                                                               also Articles & Wine Reviews by B.E.

           Sally's Place    --  wine and food, including B.E.'s articles

The Bio-Mat -- an amazing health tool, promoting balanced biorhythms, energy flow and well-being.  Meticulously crafted of semi-precious stones (amythyst, turquoise) and natural fibers.  For more information or demonstration, go to:
or email me at:

Beatriz Vidal is a painter and children's book illustrator from Argentina, who lives part of  each year in New York. Beatriz and I worked on a couple of stories together, including Federico and the Gift of the Magi. Her sense of color and design is bold and magical.
      For a look at her ravishing images, go to: